Spice, Sports and Grit: Story of a Food Entrepreneur – with Daina Falk

Spice, Sports and Grit: Story of a Food Entrepreneur - with Daina Falk | NextFem Podcast with Tara Padua

In this episode Daina Falk shares the story of how she shed 60 pounds and become a sports food entrepreneur and TV personality. She also gets vulnerable about the challenges of being a woman in the sports industry and growing up with a famous father.

Daina is the Founder of Hungry Fan, where she curates the sports fan’s game day experience. Her book, The Hungry Fan’s Game Day Cookbook includes recipes from athletes like Serena Williams and LeBron James. Daina has covered the Super Bowl and Olympic Games and has appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Today Show.

Daina Falk Episode Highlights

• 2:05 – The surprising reason Daina decided to step in front of the camera (It’s about reaching a whole lot more people)
• 4:35 – Daina asked and convinced NBC to let her cover the 2012 Olympics and they said “Yes!”
• 5:30 – Daina shares why being genuinely kind is such an effective business strategy
• 9:25 – Daina uses a terrible car accident to jumpstart a 60 lb weight loss and whole new lifestyle and relationship to food
• 10:20 – How Daina stays camera-ready while tasting new recipes and enjoying delicious game day food
• 11:23 – The hardest part of calling one of the biggest sports agents in basketball dad
• 13:35 – How Daina can recognize fake people (people who wanted to be near her famous father) and real friends
• 14:00 – The surprising secret to being able to accomplish big goals (e.g. published cookbook, celebrity hosting, spice blend at Whole Foods) without having investors or money
• 15:00 – Why Fan Food is near and dear to her heart and a huge part of American culture
• 16:52 – How Daina dealt with naysayers who told her her business was a bad idea
• 21:45 – What it’s like being a woman in a male dominated field (hint: she’s not trying to be Barbie or something she is not)
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1. Favorite book for women?

2. Favorite self-care hack?

  • Acupuncture

3. A valuable mentor you would like to acknowledge?

4. Female CEO or thought leader you’re into right now?

  • Couture bridal and eveningwear designer Amsale

5. One piece of advice you’d give your 5 years younger self?

  • “Chill out; it’s ok if you don’t know everything. You’re going to figure it out…”

Resources and People Mentioned

• Couture bridal and eveningwear designer Amsale
• Daina’s website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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