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Leadership Circles: A leadership accelerator for emerging women leaders

We know you.

You're putting in the work and headed to the top. But as a woman you face real challenges as you rise through the ranks.

Friends, family and colleagues mean well but the best support has to come from women like you -- women in the trenches, working through the same issues, in the same industry and work culture. And from experts with strategies proven specifically for women like you.

We created NextFem Leadership Circles to bridge this support gap and accelerate high potential women into the executive ranks.

How does it work?

Members become part of an exclusive circle -- a group of 6-8 women in a similar industry and role.

Each circle meets virtually once a month to discuss their most pressing work issues in a confidential environment, facilitated by a highly experienced moderator and coach. During these sessions, members workshop actionable solutions to their business and interpersonal issues. It's like having your own personal braintrust of hand-selected peers.

In addition, members gain access to master-level leadership coaching as well as a curated weekly newsletter of outstanding resources on women’s leadership.

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360 degrees of support to help you continuously level up

NextFem Leadership Circles are the ultimate resource to accelerate your career and life:

  • Group Problem Solving

    Bring your most important questions and challenging problems to solve with a curated group of 6-8 peers, in a safe and confidential environment.

  • Targeted Skill Development

    Gain access to master-level executive, career and life coaching, getting the support you need to accelerate your growth and eliminate your blind spots.

  • Exclusive Access to Opportunities

    Whether it’s job opportunities or one-to-one coffee dates, gain connections and access within an exclusive community of fast-rising women leaders.

An investment in talent development with a measurable ROI

Smart leaders look for a measurable return on their investments. We believe talent solutions should behave the same way. That's why we're a results-first organization committed to measuring our mutual success.

Whether you're an emerging woman leader looking for an edge or a corporate executive looking to support your top women, you're in the right place. Contact us right away and we'll get in touch to see how we can help.

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