How Your Attitude Towards Money Affects Your Financial Well-being – with Hilary Hendershott

Did you know that your attitude towards money has a direct effect on your ability to reach your financial goals? Did you know that your attitude towards money has a direct effect on your ability to reach your financial goals? In today’s episode, Hilary Hendershott talks about a concept she calls your money operating system. Join us as we look at common money superstitions, money self-sabotage, and how to upgrade your money operating system.

How not to sabotage yourself financially

Because of our attitude towards money, there are a number of things that women do to sabotage ourselves financially. In this episode, Hilary Hendershott talks about the most common ways that we sabotage ourselves, and how to avoid them. She offers excellent guidelines about who we should listen to, how we can create a strategy that will be good for years to come, how to right-size the luxuries in your life, and much more. Join us and begin moving toward a money operating system that works!

How to change your money operating system

Your money operating system develops out of the attitude toward money that you grew up with. Beliefs such as “there is never enough money,” or “rich people are lucky” inform the way that we deal with money as adults. In this episode, Hilary Hendershott explains how to figure out what your money operating system is and how to develop one that actually supports your well-being. If you want to have a system that produces wealth instead of debt, you’ll want to listen to this conversation!

When couples fight about money

A high percentage of couples fight about money, and many cite money as the reason for their breakup or divorce. In this episode, Hilary Hendershott talks about helpful strategies to overcome this in relationships, as well as how women can protect themselves if they do end up in divorce. Listen in to learn about how different attitudes toward money can affect your relationship, and how to work together to develop a money operating system that can work for both of you.

Developing an investment strategy that will serve you for the next 70 years

For a variety of reasons, many women do not take the step of investing money for the long term. In today’s conversation with Hilary Hendershott, we talk about the importance of making good investments, how to avoid bad investment advice, and the steps you need to take to develop your money operating system before you start investing. Listen in to get a positive perspective on the ups and downs of the stock market and to get some ideas about how to get started on developing your investment strategy.


Episode Highlights

  • 1:22 – Intro of Hilary Hendershott and this episode on your “Money Operating System”
  • 2:40 – What is a “Money Operating System” and how it impacts our financial wealth?
  • 5:29 – Your Money Operating System is informed by how you were raised
  • 8:12 – How language shapes the way you think
  • 10:42 – How to determine your Money Operating System
  • 12:49 – How not to sabotage yourself financially
  • 17:10 – The value of right-sizing the luxuries in your life
  • 18:44 – The need to stop taking bad financial advice
  • 21:08 – How to identify and change a destructive money operating system
  • 25:45 – How to create a Money Operating System that actually supports your well-being
  • 26:36 – Why it is important to find an investing philosophy that you buy into
  • 27:28 – When couples fight about money
  • 33:28 – How to protect ourselves through divorce

Resources Mentioned

1. Favorite book for women?

2. Favorite self-care hack?

  • Going to the spa for a facial and deep tissue massage every other month.

3. Best piece of advice and who gave it to you?

  • My parents told me, “You can do anything.”

4. Female CEO or thought leader you’re into right now?

  • Oprah – “She is so present, powerful, insightful, connected.”

5. One piece of advice you’d give your 5 years younger self?

  • “Don’t try to be everything to all people. Find one thing you’re good at and do it.”

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