How to Stop Caring What Other People Think – with Devita Saraf

How to Stop Caring What Other People Think - with Devita Saraf | The NextFem Podcast with Tara Padua

In the episode Devita Saraf talks about India’s reverence for the goddess, the philosophy she’s used to turn a male dominated industry to her advantage, and why being competitive can hurt your success (and what to do instead).

Ranked as one of India’s 25 most powerful women by India Today, Devita Saraf began disrupting the TV industry at 24 when she founded Vu Technologies. When she’s not working on disrupting the TV industry (waterproof television anyone?), Devita brushes up on her leadership skills at Harvard Business School and enjoys dance, music and theater.

Episode Highlights: Devita Saraf

• 0:23 – Does India’s reverence for its goddesses affect women’s empowerment?
• 4:10 – How to succeed in a conformist environment
• 5:13 – What motivates Devita to succeed in business and why she wanted to become a CEO
• 5:23 – The core philosophy Devita uses to transform a male dominated industry and turn it to her advantage
• 5:31 – Why Devita advises against being competitive in order to get ahead
• 7:17– How to stop caring what others think of you (in a good way)
• 11:05– NEVER make this mistake again if you want to create successful business partnerships
• 12:15– The honest truth about what Devita wants from a romantic relationship
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Resources and People Mentioned

Vu Technologies
Devita’s website
Devita’s Twitter

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