How to Be a Power Connector and Turn Your Network into Net Worth – with Judy Robinett

How to Be a Power Connector: Turn Network into Net Worth - with Judy Robinett | NextFem Podcast with Tara Padua

This week’s guest Judy Robinett is the mentor you never knew you needed. She will teach you how to be a power connector and turn your network into net worth.

Judy is a master networker, angel investor and the bestselling author of How to Be a Power Connector. She’s been profiled in Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post and more. In her 30+ years’ experience as an entrepreneur and corporate leader, Judy has served as CEO of both public and private companies and at management positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Episode Highlights

• 1:00 – Judy explains the concept of a Relationship Development Plan: 25 to 50 people who will help you get to the next level
• 5:40 – Women are hardwired to forge alliances but being opportunistic and strategic is even more important if you want to power connector and turn your network into net worth
• 15:00 – On keeping promises, and why it can make or break your networking success (if you say you’re going to get out for coffee or help someone, do it)
• 16:15 – The key to building a powerful network is focusing on quality over quantity – Judy explains what “quality” means
• 17:10 – How Judy went from shy introvert to power connector and networking champion
• 18:00 – Pearls of wisdom: give twice before you ask, practice generosity and actively develop relationships
• 18:56 – Power Connectors are people too: “You want people who really care, have your back and have your future”
• 25:02 – How developing networks is key to women smashing through the glass ceiling
• 26:00 – Why Judy says, “There isn’t a better time in the world to be a woman”
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1. Favorite book for women?

2. Favorite self-care hack?

3. Who’s a valuable mentor you would like to acknowledge?

  • Kay Koplovitz of Springboard and Gloria Steinem

4. Female CEO or thought leader you’re into right now?

5. One piece of advice you’d give your 5 years younger self?

  • “Kick fear to the curb”

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