How to Network and Create Opportunities without Being Fake – with Kare Anderson

How to Network Without Being Fake -- with Kare Anderson | NextFem Podcast with Tara Padua

In this episode Kare Anderson shares how to network without being fake, what you can learn from the jerks in your life, the three traits to look for when forming teams and much more.

Kare is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, and now connective behavior speaker and columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post. She is the author of Mutuality Matters, Moving From Me to We, and Getting What You Want and her TED talk, Becoming an Opportunity Maker has attracted over 1.7 million views. She’s a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown, co-founder of nine political PACs, and serves on the advisory boards of Gloopt, Raynforest, Watermark and TEDxMarin.

Kare Anderson Episode Highlights

• 3:40 – What you can learn from the jerks in your life
• 9:20 – Specific phrases to transition in networking conversations
• 11:30 – The one thing you MUST listen for in networking conversations to make people remember  you
• 12:30 – The secret weapon to make all networking more interesting and human (and it’s not “talk about the other person” or one you’ve heard before)
• 15:30 – How to succeed by becoming a “category of one”
• 20:30 – Why givers are the most successful people AND the least successful, and how to be on the right side of the divide
• 23:10 – The three traits to look for in others when partnering or forming teams

1. Favorite book for women?

2. Favorite self-care hack?

  • “Sculling on my lone scull on Richardson Bay in the morning.”

3. A valuable mentor you would like to acknowledge?

4. Female CEO or thought leader you’re into right now?

5. One piece of advice you’d give your 5 years younger self?

  • “Spend more time with friends you really like and admire and who bring out your better side”

Resources and People Mentioned

Give and Take by Adam Grant
Mutuality Matters and Mutuality Matters More by Kare Anderson
Quiet by Susan Cain
Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison by Joe Calloway
Why Quitters Win by Nick Tassler
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