Find Joy and Success in Spite of Depression – with Marthe Hagen

Find Joy and Success in Spite of Depression with Marthe Hagen | The NextFem Podcast

In this raw interview, Marthe Hagen talks about coping with depression and finding joy and success in spite of it. She tells the story of her doctor confronting her about her double life, how she made the scary leap out of law and why diagnosing your own health is life or death (even if you have great doctors).

Marthe is the founder of The Freedom Experiment, where her writing about creating a magical and fulfilling life reaches over one million readers each year.

Episode Highlights

• 6:56 – How Marthe used her misery in law school to catalyze her writing
• 10:00 – Marthe’s doctor confronts her about living a double life
• 14:50 – The most important thing every depressed person needs to know
• 15:00 – How to use social media when you’re vulnerable or depressed
• 23:40 – The hardest part about giving up your high-powered first career
• 25:38 – The importance of keeping one foot in the present even while making a radical change
• 28:00 – Why diagnosing your own health conditions is CRITICAL (even if you trust your doctor)
• 34:00 – What NOT to say to someone who is depressed.
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Resources Mentioned

The Fire from Within by Carlos Castaneda

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