What Men Really Think About Gender Bias at Work – with Romy Newman

What Men Really Think About Gender Bias at Work - with Romy Newman

In this episode Romy Newman talks about how to find a great female cofounder, what men really think about gender bias at work and what you need to know before making a big career transition.

Romy is President and Co-founder of Fairgodboss. Previously, she held senior roles at The Wall Street Journal, Google and Estee Lauder. Romy is a graduate of Yale University and proud mother of two, on mission to help women have fantastic career experiences.

Episode Highlights

• 025 – From the Wall Street Journal to Fairygodboss: how Romy was able to make the leap from big corporate to entrepreneur
• 1:50 – The pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur as an adult woman (rather than in her 20s)
• 4:44 – How to set goals in an environment where the target is always changing
• 6:30 – The competitive advantage of experience, diversity and being a woman in the startup space
• 7:49 – Why there is never a right time to become an entrepreneur: “If you have the passion, go for it. Because if it fails, it’s only going to make you stronger.”
• 12:00 – Romy’s top tips for women re-entering the workforce
• 12:10 – How Estee Lauder’s management training was essential to Romy being a great leader
• 15:17 – The radical feedback Romy got from her first boss that made all the difference
• 17:10 – Romy’s insight on what men really about gender bias at work
• 19:02 – How to turn men into champion of women in the workplace (hint: it begins in management training)

1. Favorite book for women?

2. Favorite self-care hack?

  • Getting blowouts for her hair

3. Best piece of advice and who gave it to you?

  • “Every sale starts with ‘No’” (her favorite boss at the WSJ)

4. Female CEO or thought leader you’re into right now?

  • Chairman and CEO of General Motors – Mary Barra

5. One piece of advice you’d give your 5 years younger self?

  • “Go easy on yourself; stop focusing on being so perfect.”

Resources and People Mentioned

• Romy’s website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
• Sheryl Sandberg’s article “Women Are Leaning In – but They Face Pushback”

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