Surprise Business Success, Women In Tech and Inclusivity – with Rachel Murray and Felicia Jadczak of She Geeks Out

We all love to hear a success story but it’s especially fun if it’s a surprise business success that even those involved didn’t see coming. I invite you to take the time to listen to this fun conversation with my guests, Felicia Jadczak and Rachel Murray, the irrepressible co-founders of She Geeks Out, a company that uses events, networking, and education to create an inclusive culture that values and upholds diversity, particularly gender diversity.

The surprise business that keeps on giving.

When Felicia and Rachel first started working alongside each other they were serving as volunteers for an organization that was hosting meetups for women in tech. As that organization shifted its focus the two of them took up the mantle and rebranded to She Geeks Out. The surprise business success that has come from their efforts is a reality they still laugh at today. Both of them expected to do SGO part-time in addition to 9 to 5 jobs but the demand for what they do has not allowed either of them to do so. You can hear the incredible SGO journey and Rachel and Felicia’s approach to teaching about and supporting diversity and inclusion, on this episode.

How do “women only” events help solve diversity issues?

Neither Rachel or Felicia has any reservations about combined gender events. They think that there are clearly benefits to attending them. But the also feel that women often need a place to be together – not to bemoan their situations but to have fun, enjoy each other, and build relationships that are unique to women. You can hear the two of them describe their events, how they approach diversity issues in general, and why they believe the issue is so important.

Why every woman in tech needs to attend a She Geeks Out event.

One of the things Felicia and Rachel didn’t expect was the demand for their meet ups and other events that has become so apparent. They knew that being a women in tech could be a lonely existence but they didn’t expect such enthusiasm for their events. On this episode you can hear why their events are so powerful, how women are benefitting, and what you can do to get aboard the “She Geeks Out” Train. It’s all on this episode of the Next Fem podcast.

Outline of This Episode

  • 1:02 – Where did the idea for She Geeks Out come from?
  • 7:52 – What are the real issues when it comes to diversity and inclusion?
  • 15:40 – How do “women only” groups and events help solve these issues?
  • 24:04 – What can companies do to create a more inclusive culture?
  • 28:12 – Why awareness is only the first step to the inclusivity issue.
  • 33:57 – The biggest challenges of starting a business with a co-founder.
  • 38:52 – The hardest part of the “She Geeks Out” journey.
  • 45:09 – Advice for female founders coming from science or tech backgrounds.
  • 47:03 – Advice for women who are not in their 20s but want to work in a startup.
  • 50:40 – The future vision for She Geeks Out.
  • 55:35 – How to connect with Rachel and Felicia.

Resources & People Mentioned

1. Favorite book for women?

2. Favorite self-care hack?

3. Best piece of advice and who gave it to you?

  • “Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.” Felicia’s former boss.
  • “No. You’re going!” – Rachel’s former boss on a speaking gig she almost turned down.

4. Female CEO or thought leader you’re into right now?

5. One piece of advice you’d give your 5 years younger self?

  • “Don’t get bored. Don’t settle. If you can try something new, do it, but don’t be crazy and risk everything. Be smart about it. Also – moisturize.” – Rachel
  • “Don’t try to be someone else’s vision of who you are and don’t apologize for being a bad-ass. And, moisturize.” – Felicia

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